Employer- Terms of use

Last Updated: 11/30/2022

Registered Employers

  • Business registered on JobsHorn should be verifiable and provide State of business incorporation.

  • If business is not verified, we have the right to block business until information is provided to activate the account.

Job Postings

JobsHorn is in constant working to prevent job requirements abuse and server job seekers with valid jobs.

  • JobsHorn can block any job posting published and not as per standards and business cannot verify detailed job duties.

  • One job per posting, no directory of jobs posting.

  • Multiple copies of the same job posting.

  • Posting same jobs and description and details under different locations nationwide.

Resume Search

JobsHorn is thriving to provide high quality resumes to employers across US nationwide.

  • Don’t share JobsHorn login with others.

  • ATS integration is allowed (Upcoming features).

  • Re-selling or distributing resumes acquired from JobsHorn.

  • Robo-calls or marketing emails to emails and phone numbers obtained from JobsHorn.

  • Illegal job offer to resources obtained from JobsHorn.

Apart from listed situations, anything that violates or complains received on job posting are considered to block and job posting or restrict user accounts access or business account restriction.