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RPA Business Process Engineer/Analyst (419 views)

Lincoln, NE (Remote)
October 18, 2021

***** Direct Client Requirement*****

Title                                    :  RPA Business Process Engineer/Analyst

Location                             : Lincoln, NE (Remote)

Rate                                    : DOE /If your experience and skills match call us immediately for submission

Duration                             : 24 Months

Interview Type                   : Skype or Phone

Job Type                            : C2C,C2H,W2

Experience                        : 5 Years

Job Description:

  • The Business Process Engineer (BPE)designs, oversees, assesses, and implements processes that efficiently make products or provide services. The goal of a Process Engineer is to create processes that make the best use of workers, technologies, materials, and information. They review schedules, designs, workflows, and other information to understand and adjust processes to make them more efficient.
  • Business process engineering is the evaluation of current business processes and development of new methods to improve productivity and efficiency, and reduce operational costs. As a business process engineer, you will examine the way the organization operates, its long-term performance goals, and recommend ways it can work more seamlessly to achieve overall improvement. Because people are an essential part of the process a Process Engineer must have excellent interpersonal communication skills, in addition to skills and experience in process engineering. Planning and analytical thinking are also a crucial.

 Job Requirements

  • Meet with Stakeholders to assess existing processes
  • Use best practices to carry out business process analysis, re-engineering, process measurements and change management activities.
  • Evaluate current business processes and workflows and recommend solutions for improvements.
  • Design and implement operational methods that promote overall efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Work with stakeholders in integration of new and existing business processes.
  • Build and evaluate financial models for cost estimation and cost reduction.
  • Used Visio to create process and procedure flows. Oversees and assesses existing processes and workflows.
  • Assembles reports to document process status and changes.
  • Tracks metrics to discover areas for improvement and monitor upgrades.
  • Communicates findings and proposals to upper management.
  • Utilizes process simulation software to test and find the most appropriate production strategies.
  • Provides thorough instructions for successful implementation of process changes.


  • Excellent analytical and math skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to persuade others to change existing practices
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Proven ability to identify, assess and solve problems
  • Proficient with computer and information technology
  • Knowledge of process engineering software systems, ie robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Expert ability to problem solve
  • Experience analyzing large data sets

Required Credentials and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business process engineering, supply chain or related field (graduate degree preferred)
  • 5 yrs experience in business process engineering
  • Certified Kaizen Practitioner or
  • Certified Lean Expert
  • BPM Certified

Preferred Credentials and Experience:

  • Experience working within, or assisting, DHHS agencies
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Skills
  • Analytical, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Teamwork and interpersonal communication skills
  • Strong technical writing ability
  • Demonstrated expertise in solving highly technical problems
  • High-level skill in computer technology and human systems operations


  • Ability to articulate new ideas and concepts to technical and nontechnical audiences
  • Ability to understand the long-term (“big picture”) and short-term perspectives of situations
  • Ability to work creatively and analytically to solve business problems and propose
  • Solutions
  • Ability to quickly comprehend the functions and capabilities of new business processes and technologies


  • Displays intellectual curiosity and integrity
  • Motivated and driven by achieving business outcomes
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment with cross-functional teams


  • Computer and Information Technology – Proficient (4-6 Years)
  • Problem Solving – Expert (10+ Years)
  • Robotic Process Automation – Proficient (4-6 Years)
  • Bachelor’s Degree – business process engineering, supply chain or related field (graduate degree preferred) – Proficient (4-6 Years)
  • BPM Certified – Proficient (4-6 Years)
  • Kaizen Practitioner – or Certified Lean Expert – Proficient (4-6 Years)
  • Business process engineering – 5 yrs experience in business process engineering – Proficient (4-6 Years)
  • Communication skills both verbal and written – Proficient (4-6 Years)

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Position Keywords: MS Visio,Kaizen,BPM,RPA,Information Technology,Lean,SCM,Computer Technology

Pay Rate: DOE /If your experience and skills match call us immediately for submission

Job Duration: 24 Months

% Travel Required: None

Job Posted by: Consulting Services

Job ID: OOJ - 3610

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