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Mulesoft Architect (150 views)

CO (Hybrid, Locals Only)
August 29, 2022

*****Direct Client Requirement*****

Title                                    : Mulesoft Architect

Location                             : Denver, CO (Hybrid, Locals Only)

Rate                                    : DOE /If your experience and skills match call us immediately for submission

Duration                             : 10 Months

Interview Type                  : Skype or Phone

Job Type                           : C2C,C2H,W2

Experience                        : 10+ Years

Job Description               :


  • In partnership, the Office of Information Technology, the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing and the Office of eHealth Innovation are seeking  the Contractor to provide data architecture services.


  • The Contractor shall perform all work in accordance with all applicable Federal and State statutes, privacy and use laws such as HIPAA, 42 CFR Part 2, 42 CFR 431.300, SNAP, state child welfare laws, Internal Revenue Code, Social Security Act, etc. regulations and rules, as now and hereafter amended, and the requirements described within this Statement of Work and the purchase order.
  • The Contractor shall work closely and collaboratively with the Offices/Departments, discuss suggestions or issues as they occur and incorporate suggestions or guidance from the Offices/Departments while performing the work described within this Statement of Work and the purchase order.
  • The Contractor shall coordinate and prioritize all work to ensure that all deliverables and deadlines are met.
  • The Contractor shall employ an internal quality control process to ensure that all deliverables are complete, accurate, easy to understand, and of high quality. The Contractor shall provide deliverables that, at a minimum, are responsive to the specific requirements, organized into a logical order, contain no spelling or grammatical errors, formatted uniformly, and contain accurate information and correct calculations.  The Contractor shall retain all work papers generated for reference through the duration of the project and project acceptance.  The Contractor shall participate in the review and revision process, until the Offices/Departments provide written acceptance of the deliverable.
  • The Contractor shall provide copies of any supporting documentation to the Offices/Departments upon request of the Offices/Departments  and without charge.
  • The Contractor shall respond to all telephone calls, voicemails and e-mail inquiries from the Offices/Departments within one (1) business day.
  • The Contractor shall enable all Contractor staff to exchange documents and electronic files with the Offices/Departments staff in formats compatible with the Offices/Departments’ systems.


  • The Contractor shall spend approximately 16 hours each week focused on the Office of eHealth Innovation projects. Requirements and deliverables for these projects are detailed below.
  • Identity Resolution (IDXR)
  • Advise on requirements for SIDMOD integration
  • Advise on Data Lake and Epitrax implementation
  • Advise on interoperability and scalability for IDXR across agencies
  • Consent Management
  • Data Standards Definition: Define standards for SUD, health, BH data attributes. Define corresponding standards to approved standard form for data and sharing
  • Advise on building into new and/or existing state systems (e.g., BHA systems, HIEs)
  • Social Health Information Exchange Interoperability
  • Design for vendor agnostic data sharing/interoperability, including minimum data elements needed for interoperability, between resource inventories and provider directories.
  • Provide technical review for interoperability roadmap
  • The Contractor shall spend 16 hours each week working on Department of Health Care and Policy and Financing (Department) vendor procurement meetings, vendor implementation meetings, and designing the enterprise data management framework in coordination with the Department’s MIDA Solutions Integrator (SI).
  • The Contractor shall translate business requirements into technology requirements and define data standards and principles.
  • The Contractor shall visualize and design the Department’s enterprise data management framework in collaboration with the SI.
  • This framework shall describe the processes used to plan, specify, enable, create, acquire, maintain, use, archive, retrieve, control, and purge data.
  • The Contractor shall provide a standard common business vocabulary, express strategic requirements, outline and design high-level integrated design diagrams to meet those requirements that align with the Department’s enterprise strategy and related business architecture.
  • Translate business requirements into technical specifications, including data streams, integrations, transformations, databases, and data warehouses.
  • Define reference architecture for the Department to follow to create and improve data systems
  • Define data flows, i.e., which parts of the organization generate data, which require data to function, how data flows are managed, and how data changes in transition
  • Collaborating and coordinating with multiple departments, agencies, stakeholders, partners, and external vendors
  • The Contractor shall develop Interoperability strategies based on enterprise data-model /standards.
  • The Contractor shall collaborate with the SI to develop the enterprise data model standards.
  • The Contractor shall collaborate with the Department’s Health Information Office (HIO) Senior Leadership team to design enterprise data structure diagrams, slides, communications to internal and external stakeholders and the Legislature as required.
  • Organize bi-weekly status meetings to provide project updates (see below).
  • Create reporting template for HIO Senior Management
  • Collaborating with and training HIO staff on current and future processes and areas to focus on for prioritization, process or organizational improvement, and
  • Contractor shall divide the Department’s five year strategy plan into distinct phases
  • The Contractor shall design bi-weekly updates around the phases of the strategy plan to develop short and long-term goals for the Department.
  • Deliverable: Monthly Enterprise Data Architecture Communication Updates
  • The Contractor shall, in designing interoperability strategies collaborate with the SI on independent, business oriented modules. An appropriate set of APIs and Interfaces will be developed to orchestrate business processes and functionalities across each of the modules.  The System Integrator Module is  responsible for developing and maintaining these APIs and Interfaces for both inter-module operations and the external partner operations.
  • Inter-Module operations and the external partner operations will be designed and orchestrated based on a set of business processes.
  • These business processes will implement functionality that orchestrates and operates on the data from one or more modules, as well as the external partner data.
  • In order to achieve Department objectives and strategies, the Department will utilize a robust integration platform (Mulesoft). The Contractor shall assist the Department and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) on the Department’s behalf when required to develop data sharing integrations, strategies, and priority.

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Position Keywords: Mulesoft Architect

Pay Rate: DOE /If your experience and skills match call us immediately for submission

Job Duration: 10 Months

% Travel Required: None

Job Posted by: Consulting Services

Job ID: 2022-4635

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