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IT Help Desk (186 views)

Lakewood, CO (Remote)
May 24, 2022

***** Direct Client Requirement*****

Title                                    : IT Help Desk

Location                             : Lakewood, CO (Remote)

Rate                                    : DOE /If your experience and skills match call us immediately for submission

Duration                             :  12 Months

Interview Type                  : Skype or Phone

Job Type                              :  C2C,C2H,W2

Experience                          :  4 Years

Job Description               :


The representative will serve in many roles within Driver Service as part of Driver Control section in the  Division of Motor Vehicles. Position must study each customer’s motor vehicle information, recognizing  there are an unlimited number of permutations to consider, and fit together to provide the customer  practical solutions to specific technical reinstatement and licensing problems. Need to exercise judgment in  selecting the most appropriate guideline from many alternatives to best fit the customer’s need for  reinstatement. Interpret and evaluates all available information in order to resolve problems. Answer  question and provide the customer the proper services needed for each individual situation. Provide  customer’s reinstatement information tailor made to their specific situation, recognizing each customer’s  record and/or needs is unique and different from every other record. Full time Teleworker, needs own  Internet service.

35 % General  Duties

Duty – This position serves a Driver Services call center agent and serves the public by providing information  about customer’s records. Applying Job Knowledge to Customer Interactions: Translates and clarifies Colorado Motor Vehicle statutes, department administrative procedures, and policy to customers. Determines the effect of

statutory law on a driving record and uses experience and reasoning to determine the best approach for the  extensive number and possible courses of action in response to division notices, restraints, or general licensing  issues. Resolving Customer Disputes and Concerns: Employs appropriate conversational techniques to diffuse  irate customers. Directs the discussion towards the significant aspects of the problem and then helps the  customer to resolve any issues within the boundaries of established statutes and guidelines. Educates and  instructs customers on legislative objectives and rationale on departmental restraints.

35 % General  Duties

Duty – Clarifies the underlying rationale and compliance for over 170 Motor Vehicle Division Form  Letters. Instructs the customer on the potential impact of non-compliance and the various  methods of compliance. Interprets and explains over 90 different types of restraint actions and the possible consequences of multiple violations. Advises customers as to the fee,  documentation and testing requirements, and the network of Driver License offices serving the state of Colorado. Provides and instructs customers in identifying and acquiring the mandatory forms to accomplish the desired action(s). Explains reinstatement requirements to the  customer and their rights to a hearing. Provides training, clarification, assistance and updates to co-workers in resolving difficult and/or unique problems.

30 % General  duties and Customer Service Duty

Identifies unique/unusual problems with the implementation of operating procedures and with the  continually evolving statutes and Driver’s License computer system. Determines paperwork submitted is proper and complete for reinstatement. Determines solutions to customer problems. Determines  whether customer requires special auto insurance (SR22) and for what length of time. Determines  whether customer requires completion of alcohol education/therapy classes. Determines whether  customer is eligible for a Motor Vehicle hearing. Determines whether the customer may be eligible for early reinstatement with an interlock device install.

Analyze Record to Determine Course of Action: Detects and determines, through conversation/questioning, and thorough research of department files, whether customers’ motor vehicle records are accurate. Analyzes  restraints to determine whether proper action was taken. Determines drivers’ statutory compliance and whether to allow the restraint to continue or be withdrawn. Determines whether the restraint’s supporting evidence is in order, whether the driver was properly notified, and whether the restraint is appropriate or if it should be modified/ deleted from the record. Identifies and corrects errors which exist in the motor vehicle record. Resolves  discrepancies by reviewing all sources of available data and by soliciting information for each individual situation. Escalates corrections to the record to the proper unit/level of authority for correction. Researches driver records to determine restrictions regarding privacy impacting the release of motor vehicle record information and responds


  • Others – Learning ability

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Pay Rate: DOE /If your experience and skills match call us immediately for submission

Job Duration: 12 months

% Travel Required: None

Job Posted by: Consulting Services

Job ID: OOJ - 4828

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