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Database Administrator (71 views)

Denver,  CO (Remote)   
June 22, 2022

*****Direct Client Requirement*****

Title                                    : Database Administrator

Location                             : Denver,  CO (Remote)              

Rate                                    : DOE /If your experience and skills match call us immediately for submission

Duration                             :8 Months

Interview Type                  : Skype or Phone

Job Type                           : C2C,C2H,W2

Experience                        : 10+ Years

Job Description               :

  • Maintains data storage and access by evaluating, designing and implementing company database[s]. I Maintains Backups and Restores and space utilization, identifies data sources.  Database Development Activities to include

All Object creation

  • Tables
  • Table Views
  • Functions
  • Stored procedures

Stored Procedure Development and Maintenance

  • This will execute SQL, which is written in the stored procedure
  • Executes on the Database server, as an objectYou
  • Takes the load off of the Application server
  • Removes the process of SQL Code being passed from server to server
  • Performance Reviews of embedded SQL within application logic
  • Where is the best place for the SQL processes to execute
  • Where does the logic live
  • If it lives here, makes it much easier for tracking down issues and slowness


  • Indexing
  • Attribute (Field) creation and mapping
  • Data Type setting

Table Views

  • Subset the data in the main tables
  • For focused processing of data


  • Triggers
  • Object Packages (EX: SSIS)
  • Repeatable processing

ORM Model

  • Object Role model
  • Outside SQL hitting the db
  • Parsing is an issue especially when the bind variables are wrong or missing

Object synching across all environments

Optimization Tasks

  • Database optimization
  • Query optimization
  • Working with large databases/datasets
  • Index maintenance


  • Transaction locks
  • Process blocks
  • Deadlocks
  • Replication
  • High Availability Setup
  • Always On Availability
  • SSRS (Reporting Service)
  • Maintenance and synchronization of data

Performance Tuning

  • Active execution and monitoring of database performance, regarding query execution and throughput
  • Real Time changes to running queries for optimal performance


  • Design of the database structure and systems.
  • Analyze the needs of the business and produce the data structure to meet these needs
  • Data analysis
  • Determining effective data flow throughout the system
  • Designing the data infrastructure to effectively store the data for access.
  • From both internal and external sources
  • Regular audits of database structure and logs to maintain quality


  • Microsoft SQL Server

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Position Keywords: SQL, SSIS, SSRSm SQL Server, Server, EX

Pay Rate: DOE /If your experience and skills match call us immediately for submission

Job Duration: 8 Months

% Travel Required: None

Job Posted by: Consulting Services

Job ID: 2022-232

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