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Microsoft SQL Server  Database Admin (1242 views)

Hartford CT
February 3, 2020

** Direct Client Requirement ****

Title: Microsoft SQL Server  Database Admin

Location: Hartford CT

Duration: 12 Months

Rate: DOE

Interview Type:   F2F

Work Status:  Successful applicants must be legally authorized to work in the U.S.

Job Type: C2C,C2H ,W2,

Experience: 8  YEARS

2. PROJECT OVERVIEW DEEP is currently undertaking database improvement initiatives that support key applications using Microsoft SQL Server. These initiatives may be in addition to, or a variation of recommendations listed in the document, and must:

• Provide a stable and well-performing database infrastructure.

• Allow for the maintenance and expansion of the enterprise e-government solutions.

• Leverage Microsoft best practices.

• Take advantage of and be compatible with the targeted Microsoft SQL platform enhancements as intended (SQL Server 2016 v 2017 etc.).

• Support accurate financial data and accounting principles where applicable.

• Be prioritized and approved in concert with DEEP business stakeholders and OIM.

• Be tested in a Staging environment with appropriate business testing/signoff prior to Production deployment.

• Include a Production Bill of Materials with a roll-back plan such that any related databases (and applications) can be recovered following a failed or error-inducing rollout.

• Have Production deployments that are appropriately scheduled for content and duration – singly/multiply, based on risk, roll-back considerations, length of deployment, user interruption etc. 2 3.

SCOPE OF WORK Specific Services Required

• Review full DB Assessment document, with analysis of current enterprise SQL DB instances, to assess priorities with DEEP staff

• As needed, schedule sessions with business stakeholders and OIM staff to analyze business data requirements and data flows

• Design and implement all required database documentation, code, database objects, scripts, stored procedures, etc. to achieve the agreed-to DB initiatives. Work will be archived on TFS and/or Sharepoint as directed.

• Prepare and maintain the Project Management Plan (the “PMP”), which lists the activities, tasks, assignments, milestones and estimates, including: o Integrated Project Plan o Quality Assurance and Document Control Plans and Processes o Delivered Materials Tracking and Acceptance Processes o Scope, Risk and Issue Management Processes o Bi-Weekly Status Report Template

• Review project tasks, schedules, and resources and make changes or additions, as appropriate; measure and evaluate progress against the PMP with the DEEP Project Managers

• Work with the DEEP Project Managers to address and resolve deviations from the PMP

• Conduct regularly scheduled database initiatives status

• Prepare meeting agendas and minutes

• Help resolve deviations from the estimated schedule

• Help resolve project issues and escalate issues, as necessary

• Review with the DEEP OIM Staff the monthly project status, acting on issues, actions and recommendation set forth in the Bi-Weekly Status

• Work with the DEEP OIM Staff to identify individuals who will need to participate in the workshops and meetings, establish the schedules for these meetings, coordinate kickoff meeting location and confirm attendance.

• Provide mentoring for DEEP OIM 3 A database assessment was recently completed that provided the following priority ranking of recommendations based on benefit and effort. Benefit was defined as the assumption of the level of performance gain achieved by implementing the recommendation. Effort was defined as the perceived difficulty / amount of time to implement. The highest priority ranking used a formula that had a combined value of 24 for the highest ranking, based on the charts and legends below. Note: the following does not fully define or limit the scope of work to be analyzed or implemented by this contract, but is provided as a likely sample of the types of initiatives needed. Some of these recommendations have already been completed or are in process.

Required Skills/Experience

The vendor must have proven experience and expertise in analysis and implementation of projects involving Microsoft SQL Server. Additionally, the preferred vendor should be familiar with a combination of the following: Microsoft SQL Server Stored Procedure development Microsoft .NET Framework common language runtime (CLR) SQL Performance and Tuning Tools Red Gate Tools Database tuning and transactional flow 4. ADMINISTRATIVE CONSIDERATIONS Deliverables: Proposed Deliverables are to include but are not limited to the following:

• Meeting agendas and minutes • Design Documentation including ERD / Data Flow / Logic Analysis

• Bill of Materials for Production deployments

• Database scripts that create / modify all necessary DB objects (DDL)

• CLR code and build instructions to TFS Work Schedule: The DEEP team hours are Monday through Friday, excluding State holidays. The vendor will have access to the Hartford DEEP offices on a Monday through Friday schedule. Monday through Friday hours will be 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. During weeks with after-hours deployments, the vendor should expect to be available (on site or remotely) to assist DEEP staff in the deployment activities, and adjust their hours worked for the week to compensate (no overtime unless preauthorized by DEEP). State Resources and Oversight: • The vendor will be expected to work hours consistent with those of the DEEP Project Managers and project team.

• The vendor is expected to work on site at DEEP and may be provided VPN access for remote work if needed.

• The vendor may be required to work closely with DAS BEST staff in addition to DEEP staff.

Position Keywords: Microsoft .NET Framework , maintain , Materials Tracking , ERD , Materials , CLR code , ADMINISTRATIVE , database documentation , scripts, , CLR , database objects , Microsoft SQL Server , Acceptance Processes , PROJECT OVERVIEW DEEP , TFS , Project Management , Sharepoint , Prepare

Pay Rate: DOE

Job Duration: 12 Months

% Travel Required: None

Job Posted by: Consulting Services

Work Authorization: Successful applicants must be legally authorized to work in the U.S

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