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 IT Governance Analyst  (1398 views)

Lansing, MI
February 26, 2020

** Direct Client Requirement ****

Title: IT Governance Analyst 

Location:  Lansing, MI

Duration:  1 Month

Rate: DOE

Interview Type: In-Person only

 Work Status:  Successful applicants must be legally authorized to work in the U.S.

Job Type: C2C,C2H ,W2,

Experience: 10 YEARS

Years of Experience:

10 years of combined experience in project management, IT governance, maturity models and agile approaches.

Job Description:

The goal of DTMB’s State Unified Information Technology Environment (SUITE) is to deliver on-time, on-budget quality systems that meet customer expectations. SUITE models, processes, forms, and training target these key business drivers and rely on industry best practices to provide successful delivery.

SUITE is largely based on three collections of industry best practices.  Within the general IT community, the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and the Agile Performance Holarchy (APH) are widely recognized as models for process improvement and successful project delivery.  These three models are:

•             CMMI 2.0 was developed and is maintained by the CMMI Institute, an ISACA enterprise

•             PMBOK Guide, sixth edition, including an Agile Practice Guide, was developed and is maintained by the Project Management Institute

•             APH was developed and is maintained by Agile CxO

These IT Governance Analyst positions will function as APH and CMMI Assessor/Appraisal consultants to ensure that the State of Michigan development processes are following proper methodology and compliance.  In addition to ensuring compliance with State IT standards, procedures and lifecycles (e.g. SUITE), the assessment/appraisal will validate that these are compatible with governance processes (e.g. Agile Requirements, and APH Models.) that are needed for the overall IT project governance framework.

This position (APH and CMMI Assessor/Appraiser) will also evaluate and ensure that appropriate standards, criteria and frameworks are used to demonstrate compliance, achieve compliance and support audit related activities.   This supports the monitoring of the progress of technology projects and provides quick and accurate responses to IT Management regarding the status, issues and risks of those projects.

The APH and CMMI Assessor(s)/Appraiser(s) will evaluate the State team by assessing and appraising project development performance against the Agile CxO Agile Performance Holarchy Model, and the Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI).

These positions will ensure consistency with the State of Michigan project management methodology (SUITE), perform long-term release planning based on organizational direction, regularly interact with the project management teams for status of budget, quality and schedule, escalate issues and risks as needed to executives, and exercise project quality assurance activities to ensure project scope and deliverable expectations are met.

Advises and may assist  with the development, promulgation, implementation and regular updates of IT Project Management and Systems Development standards, policies, and guidelines and any other governance policies and procedures needed for the overall IT governance framework.  Provides recommendations to ensure compliance with all policies and procedures in the execution of technology projects.  Provides recommendations for the monitoring of technology projects progress and reporting procedures to escalate project  issues and risks.

Advised on  IT Policy, Process, Procedure, and Standard reviews to ensure technology and governance best practices are incorporated  into the agency’s set of procedures and improve business and IT compliance with legislative and regulatory policies which impact IT deliverables.

Prepares and presents/co-presents reports of assessment / appraisals and recommendations for improvement and future maturity. Reports my be presented to Executives, Project Teams, Business Customers, IT Professionals and others as applicable.

Required / Desired Skills

Experience managing, performing or serving in a lead role for project management services.

Required 10 Years

Experience communicating and reporting to executives and senior management.Includes advising and coaching senior management.

Required 5 Years

Experience conducting CMMI appraisals with knowledge of Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) models for development and services and apprais

Required 3 Years

Experience conducting Agile Performance Holarchy (APH) assessments with knowledge of APH model and assessment methodology

Required 2 Years

Knowledge of defined processes, commonly-used concepts, practices, procedures and multiple lifecycles in IT and Software Development Projects:

Required 3 Years

Experience using commonly used Agile, Waterfall, Proprietary and Hybrid frameworks and approaches, such as SCRUM, SAFe, Defined Agile, Lean, etc.

Required 10 Years

Develop and present detailed action plans and provides management with strengths and weaknesses observed against the appraisal / assessment models

Required 5 Years

Experience training and leading participants in APH and CMMI models and appraisal/assessment methods

Required 2 Years

Process management, project management and agile certifciations. Such as PMP, CSM, PSM, CMMI Associate, APH Assessor, APH Trainer, etc.

Required 2 Years

Position Keywords: IT governance,PMBOK Guide, sixth edition, including an Agile Practice Guide

Pay Rate: DOE

Job Duration: 1 Months

% Travel Required: None

Job Posted by: Consulting Services

Job ID: 623649

Work Authorization: Successful applicants must be legally authorized to work in the U.S

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