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ICON Mainframe Migration (1457 views)

Little Rock, AR
February 19, 2020

**** Direct Client Requirement ****

Title: ICON Mainframe Migration

Location: Little Rock, AR

Duration:  20 Months

Rate: DOE

Interview Type: In-person only

Work Status:  Successful applicants must be legally authorized to work in the U.S.

Job Type: C2C,C2H ,W2,

Experience: 10 YEARS

Business Need

The Division is seeking augmented staff to provide services to assist in assessing, planning and implementing the transformation of the current UI mainframe applications to a modern technology platform. The purpose of this request is to procure contractors that will work alongside ADWS IT staff to improve business agility, lower operational costs and eliminate dependency on the mainframe infrastructure and technology.

The augmented staff will assess, develop and implement a platform to modernize the UI mainframe applications in order to provide a foundation upon which new functionality can be added when required by legislation and/or business needs. The modernized system will remove the dependency of the mainframe applications on the current mainframe platform, while utilizing as few proprietary technologies as possible. The modernized applications will support the current business as-is, including reporting and compliance dependencies. Contingent Labor Statement of Requirements (SOR) Page 3 of 13 The ICON system is an interstate electronic data exchange system that allows states to send and share data.

The high-level tasks below are needed to complete the modernization of ICON:

• Design and develop a SQL Server Database structure for the ICON data.

• Convert the existing ICON VSAM files to the new SQL Server Database. o Approximately 10 Files

• Analyze the current batch job flows to eliminate any unnecessary steps.

• Convert the batch ICON system using modern and appropriate technologies. o Approximately 60 batch programs

• Analyze and the current ICON CICS on-line system to streamline the entry, update and validation.

• Convert and modernize the ICON CICS on-line system to a web application using .NET and C#. o Approximately 55 online programs In addition, this engagement includes migrating batch and on-line mainframe process that support the Unemployment Insurance, Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA), Labor Market and National New-Hire, Health Coverage Tac Credit (HCTC) and Trade Readjustment Assistance (TAA) programs daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly business needs. The resulting migration must reduce application runtime and maintenance costs and provide a more user-friendly experience for users of the system. High-level task needed to modernize these jobs are:

• Analyze the current batch job flows to eliminate any unnecessary steps

. • Review future environment architect and make recommendations o Approximately 60 batch programs

• Convert and modernize on-line programs to a web-based .NET or C# platform

• Review database design and recommend optimization strategy o Approximately 60 on-line programs The Supplier should provide all documented deliverables in electronic form, using the following software standards (or lower convertible versions): Deliverable Type Format Documentation Microsoft Word System and Application Layout, Data Model(s), Architecture Drawings Microsoft Visio Project Complexity The complexity for this project is set at a High level. The number of existing COBOL programs that need to be converted and the ability to restructure the functionality of these programs into a modern interface will require a high degree of technical knowledge and coordination with the Authorized Users. The resulting system must also interface with external entities to send and receive data which will add to the complexity of the resulting solution. High Complexity, High Risk. Contingent Labor Statement of Requirements (SOR) Page 4 of 13 Project Management and Organizational Structure CIO, Chief Architect, and Project Manager are responsible for management and oversight. 10. Scope of Work: System Documentation, Analysis, and Design

• Documenting of current state architecture which catalogs all infrastructure, databases, applications, integrations, interfaces, automation tasks, batch processing, and user security architecture of the UI mainframe and VB6 environments. This architecture shall depict and align technology elements with business process need and regulatory requirements.

• Development of target state architecture for the UI environments comprised of a current version Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft .NET platforms which depicts all infrastructure, databases, applications, integrations, interfaces, automation tasks, batch processes, and security architecture of the target platform UI environment. o This target state architecture shall depict and align technology elements with business process need and regulatory requirements, including technology access for the visually impaired (Arkansas Code § 25-26-201). o This target state architecture shall depict any third-party tools required. This may include but is not limited to Identity and Access Management, Automation tools, ETL (extract, transform, load), or Enterprise Service Bus tools. o This target state architecture shall include a support and maintenance model describing methodology for component lifecycle maintenance and support roles with skillset descriptions and FTE (full time equivalent) resource requirements. This model shall depict how ongoing code peer review, testing, and versioning via code repository are to be addressed.

• Development of design document for target state architecture including but not limited to: o Functional and non-functional requirements o Static structure including components, interfaces (internal and external), and dependencies o Dynamic behavior (ETL processing, data reception/transmittal, etc.) o Third-party components o Security requirements o Runtime requirements o Development of technical specifications including but not limited to

: ▪ Component versioning

▪ Interface requirements

▪ Data topology, schema, and models which describe locations and attributes of in scope data

▪ Process algorithms Development and Implementation Contingent Labor Statement of Requirements (SOR)

• Development of custom software components necessary to achieve the target state architecture in accordance with the design. Additional requirements include but are not limited to: o Custom code shall be developed in a manner allowing for peer review, testing, and versioning documentation. o Code shall exist in a DWS code repository in object and source code form for each version instance.

• Solution implementation shall be performed in accordance with overall design and project plan: o Legacy mainframe application data shall be migrated from DB2 and/or VSAM file systems to new Microsoft SQL Server database(s). o A data quality management process shall be developed and followed by vendor. o A testing plan shall be developed and implemented for UAT. o A knowledge transfer plan shall be developed in consultation with DWS and implemented. o A requirements traceability matrix shall be provided which depicts roles and responsibilities of vendor and DWS staff and depicts alignment of activities and meeting of functional and non-functional requirements. Project Management

• Project management for the overall effort is required. Project management shall be performed in accordance with established PMI (Project Management Institute) methods. o Project manager is responsible for establishment of project plans, subject to DWS approval. o The project plan shall establish roles and responsibilities in accordance with DWS resource availability. o A change management process will be established, subject to DWS approval. The Division will need a partner with experience in mainframe processing to deconstruct the functions and define the purpose of the existing programs. This experience must include, but is not limited to:

• A strong background in COBOL, XGEN, JCL, CICS, VSAM and DB2.

• Ability to deconstruct existing COBOL programs and translate them into business requirements for a web-based solution

• Develop and maintain a job scheduler for processing batch program similar to those in the ICON system using modern and appropriate technologies.

• Create, populate and maintain a Microsoft SQL Server database to house existing ICON data.

• Analyze and convert existing DB2 databases and VSAM files to SQL Server tables with appropriate referential integrity.

• Convert legacy business integration software such as MQ Series to SOAP and/or RESTful web services.

• Translate JCL functions to aid in the streamlining of the current batch environment. Contingent Labor Statement of Requirements (SOR) Page 6 of 13

• Prior experience converting from a mainframe to x86-based Microsoft Windows Server platform

. • Proven testing methodology to ensure complete data conversion and system functionality are duplicated from the existing solution to the new solution

• Create a modern, scalable web application using appropriate technologies. Preferably Microsoft .NET, MVC.

• Create and maintain interfaces with 3rd party applications • Translate existing VB6 screen and business logic into a more modern solution.

• Inspect and enhance existing SQL Server database structure to ensure data security and integrity is maintained.

• Build a testing solution to ensure a stable and dependable application is built and maintained. The deliverables required should not be considered all inclusive. The Division may request additional deliverables as deemed necessary. The Supplier must provide a preliminary project plan, outlining in detail their proposed timeline for project delivery and completion. This SOR defines the services required by the Division in support of the modernization project. Supplier shall perform a complete analysis of mainframe-based applications and databases. Source code components will be collected, inventoried, measured and assessed:

• All production components that are related to processing the applications on customer mainframe

• Any additional mainframe components to which these applications interface

• Other mainframe software components that may reside with these components 11. Place of Performance (Check one): Implementation of the solution shall occur no later than June 30, 2021. This includes delivery and installation of all products and services necessary to implement the Authorized User’s solution and any additional support beyond, on-going maintenance services. Supplier’s Location Authorized User’s Location DWS, #2 Capitol Mall, Little Rock, Arkansas 12. Project Staffing a. Supplier Personnel The roles listed in the table below represent the minimum Supplier personnel requirements for this engagement. Contingent Labor Statement of Requirements (SOR) Page 7 of 13 Supplier’s staff must have proven experience converting COBOL mainframe programs to Microsoft’s .NET environment.

• Working knowledge of COBOL, XGEN, JCL, CICS, VSAM and DB2.

• Exceptional knowledge of designing relational database structures.

• Exceptional knowledge and experience building and maintaining .NET MVC web-based applications.

• Extensive knowledge of SOAP, WCF and REST web services

. • Extensive understanding of database security and how to deliver secure applications.

• Expert at determining how a system should work and how changes in conditions, operations, and the environment will affect outcomes.

• At any time, authorized user may dismiss any supplier personnel and request supplier to replace dismissed personnel. Prior to dismissing the supplier staff, authorized user will coordinate with supplie

Mainframe Cobol to .Net Platform Migration Experience

Required 10 Years

DB2 to SQL Server Database Migration Experience

Required 10 Years

Architecture Design and Documentation from Current State to Future State

Required 10 Years

Mainframe Migration Project Management Experience

Required 10 Years





Apply here or Please send to resumes@sohanit.com

Position Keywords: Mainframe Cobol to .Net Platform ,DB2 to SQL Server Database Migration,UAT of Mainframe to .Net

Pay Rate: DOE

Job Duration: 20 Months

% Travel Required: None

Job Posted by: Consulting Services

Job ID: 16301

Work Authorization: Successful applicants must be legally authorized to work in the U.S

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