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Child Welfare Business Analyst (842 views)

Hartford, CT
May 14, 2020

***Direct Client Requirement ****

Title: Child Welfare Business Analyst

Location: Hartford, CT

Duration: 12 Months

Rate: DOE

Interview Type: Skype

Work Status: No H1B, Green Card or Citizenship, prefer CT Resident

Job Type: C2C,C2H ,W2,

Experience: 10 YEARS



The Department of Children and Families is in the process of replacing their current system, LINK, in order to comply with the federal rules for a Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) herein referred to as CT-KIND (Kid’s Information Network Database), federal reimbursement, and to update the technology used by agency staff to promote efficiency and improve family outcomes. The CT-KIND Project Team is a collaboration of technical staff and business staff who are in the process of system planning, design, development, testing, conversion, implementation, and initial maintenance related to the replacement of LINK with CT-KIND.  This work will allow Connecticut to continue work associated with the state’s expansion of the human services modernization effort of leveraging technical infrastructure and existing enterprise service infrastructure for integration with CT-KIND, and the sun-setting of LINK.  The agency is currently committed to developing the next generation Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) and has invested significant resources to ensure that Connecticut has efficient, economic and effective tools to aid our Child Welfare Staff, Providers and the children and families of CT. 

Concurrently, the agency implemented a multi-faceted, agency-wide outcome measure improvement plan that specifically addresses each of the twenty-two (22) outcomes targeted for improvement driven by the original Consent Decree.  A number of initiatives that comprise this improvement plan require the support of both child welfare expertise and technical staff.

DCF Information Systems (IS) provides technology expertise and services as well as an information systems infrastructure to the agency and its roughly 3,300 employees.  DCF IS strives to improve continually improving technology services that are cost-effective and of the highest effectiveness and quality.


The candidate will serve in the capacity of a business analyst/child welfare expert, collaborating with the technical and business staff on the CT-KIND Project in support of business processes for CT-KIND.  This will require the candidate to analyze and complete documentation for CT-KIND in the area of child welfare; work collaboratively with the technical staff, regional and central office staff, and community partners; participate in LEAN events to map out business processes to streamline and reduce inefficiencies; coordination with social work staff for system development and design; assistance with training plans for new development; coordinates closely with internal and external users;  and, may assist in testing,  training plans and business readiness plans.

The candidate may also be required to analyze and document policy/practice changes and work with the policy and/or change management division at DCF; participate in time studies in preparation for caseload weighting changes in the new system; and, assist in documentation for vendor procurement and federal compliance/reimbursement.

Specifically, the candidate will be responsible for working with the team to ensure any new development meets the business needs and criteria necessary for Child Welfare staff including but not limited to:

  1. The analysis of business processes and change management initiatives to support the development and design of CT-KIND.
  2. Works with the project team to fully engage the business partners to ensure a proper business functionality in the new system.
  3. Facilitation of meetings, presentations and/or design sessions.

Specific Services Required:

In the role of the Child Welfare Expert, the following services are required:

  • Assistance in the preparation of LEAN Events and Time Studies.
  • Assistance in developing project documents.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, collaboration, and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively to deliver business and technical value.
  • Must be very organized, pro-active and self-directed. Must be able to perform with minimal supervision.
  • Must have very strong abstract thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Must have very good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Provide guidance and training to agency staff as needed.
  • Coordinates with the other project team members on issues dealing with matters that cross domains and have dependencies, and helps define, document and communicate with the entire team.
  • Interface with the user(s) and sponsor(s) and all other stakeholders in order to determine their (evolving) needs.
  • Reviews documentation and collaborates with development group, Product Owners, System Teams, and stakeholders to ensure best overall documentation is always available.
  • Generates products such as business cases, feature documents, user stories, acceptance criteria, lean notes, meeting notes, decisions, action items, risks, annual federal documents, presentations, training materials.
  • Identify business trends and needs utilizing real data and staff feedback.
  • Constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve monitoring, discover issues and deliver better value to the customer
  • Communicate key insights and findings to team members.


In addition, the agency requires:

For this position, the candidate shares experience and judgment in the field of child welfare with the team to plan and accomplish goals, elicit customer/business feedback, as well as a participation in trainings. In addition, the agency requires:

An experience professional with demonstrating the following knowledge and skills:

  • 9+ Years’ Experience in Child Welfare
  • Knowledge of DCF policy and practice
  • Knowledge of DCF’s mission and Consent Decree
  • Knowledge of case management systems
  • Knowledge of Child Welfare Business Processes
  • Experience in facilitating large groups for presentations, LEAN Events and trainings
  • Experience in analyzing data to draw business-relevant conclusionsADMINISTRATIVE CONSIDERATIONS





Apply here or Please send to resumes@sohanit.com

Position Keywords: business-relevant conclusionsADMINISTRATIVE CONSIDERATIONS

Pay Rate: DOE

Job Duration: 12 Months

% Travel Required: None

Job Posted by: Consulting Services

Job ID: 55608

Work Authorization: No H1B, Green Card or Citizenship, prefer CT Resident

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